Thursday, March 31, 2011

My experiments...

 I made an experiment using an adapted Challah bread recipe ...
So, for the three breads you see in the pictures, I used:
Bread flour                           2 lb. 5 oz.
Bran                                     3 Tbl.
Dry yeast                              2 tsp.
Water, warm                         1 1/2 cups
Sugar                                    1 Tbl.
Salt                                       2 tsp.
Caraway seeds, crushed          1 tsp.
Oats, crushed                         1/4 cup 
Eggs                                       4 each.
Vegetal oil                               3 oz.

Am facut un experiment folosind o reteta de paine Challah pe care am adaptat-o la gustul meu. Pentru painicile pe care le vedeti in imagini am folosit urmatoarele ingrediente:
Faina 000                                  aprox 1 kg
Tarate de grau                           3 linguri
Drojdie uscata                           2 lingurite]
Apa calduta                               o cana(250 ml)
Zahar                                        1 lingurita
Sare                                          2 lingurite
Chimen, zdrobit                         1 lingurita
Ovaz zdrobit                              50 grame
Oua                                           4 bucati
Ulei vegetal                                 100 ml.

The breads came out quite delicious... 

Something beautiful...and tasty

 Who said that cooking and baking is not an art?
We have a Dobos sponge with a homemade strawberry ice cream, covered in a Italian meringue, with a cute tuille butterfly and a funny marzipan bee...
And a strawberry puree ...flavored with vanilla extract.