Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was awarded!!!!!

Lorena dear thought I deserved a prize ... Honestly, I feel not only honored, but I think that is a big challenge for my little blog. I am more than beginner in culinary art blogs, but I hope to not disappoint!

Like any prize, must have some conditions:
1. sketch will be posted on the blog...CHECK!
2. winning person to tell a favorite dish. Well, here is more difficult, as often improvise in the kitchen, not much use exact quantities (only cakes and Pastry), and I call the preparations according to the inspiration of the moment ! My artistic nature is to blame ! Check??? ;)

I love it when I manage to use fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible and, in my recipes ... I can say something that I do not like: the combination of salty and sweet to savory dishes.It's just weird for my taste...

At the same time, however I like to prepare recipes from all world cultures: Chinese, Persian, Moroccan, Italian, Greek and so on...especially Balkan & Mediteraneean!
My Romanian origin has a big word to say to these preferences...

Lorena , my dear, I thank you so much for the nice thought of you ... motivates me a lot!

I want to dedicate this award to all culinary blogs where I learned so much lately...